French eTwinning Ambassador

Sophie Bouaouli

'My name is Sophie BOUAOULI and I’m 50. I live in Besancon, a city in the east of France. I have been teaching preschools for 22 years. This year, I work for the international relations department of the Burgundy Franche-Comté academic region to develop Erasmus+ and eTwinning program for primary schools.
I participated in my first eTwinning project in 2015 and became addicted to it! Most of the time, I do my eTwinning project with my school colleagues. According to the needs of our students, we participated in many eTwinning projects with the collaboration of families. eTwinning is a very good tool to develop co-education and improve the skills of our students.
I’ve been an eTwinning ambassador for seven years.
Running an eTwinning project with young children helps to develop the curiosity of our young pupils, to make them discover their own culture and other cultures and to develop their sense of belonging to the European family. And it’s such a great fun to have friends all over Europe!
eTwinning is also a great opportunity to meet teachers, share our practices and improve our skills'.